Engage with your customers on their favorite messengers to gain their trust. With messageorganizer you can handle all relevant messenger apps in one place.

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WhatsApp Business

Reach your customers with WhatsApp Business on a personal level and interact with them in a close relationship environment – at any time at ease.

WhatsApp chatbots, WhatsApp2Mail forwarding, template messages, segmentation functions, or our social media manager minimize your workload at the same time.

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Business SMS

Send bulk SMS messages to groups of recipients, automate verification processes or use SMS notifications across any other service process.

SMS notifications are the safest way to contact your customers. Recipients do not need an Internet connection and no additional application to be reached.

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Facebook Messenger

Offer your services via Facebook Messenger and stay in direct contact with your clients. You can interact directly with followers, existing or potential customers via Facebook Messenger without switching mediums.

To ensure the efficiency of your service processes, you are supported by various features such as email forwarding, Facebook chatbots, and more.

Facebook Newsletters are available for all companies listed in the “Facebook News Index”.

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Send your newsletters via Telegram and be one of the first to discover the fast-growing messenger service. Telegram newsletters are a premium alternative to WhatsApp broadcasts and allow for 1:1 communication with your customers in addition to bulk mailing.

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Send confidential internals, updates about your business, or newsletters via the world’s most secure messenger. Signal stands for privacy-compliant messaging and security. All messages are encrypted and cannot be accessed by anyone else.

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Social Media Manager

With our Social Media Manager, you are enabled to post your updates and newsletters to all supported messengers. Furthermore, you can post them directly to your Twitter and Facebook feeds without switching the medium.

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Have you lost track?

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