With messageorganizer you document your digital guestbook easily via WhatsApp, SMS; or a call from your guests. All customer data are collected in a data protection compliant manner and in compliance with all health regulations regarding COVID-19. The data are also deleted in a timely manner.

Start your digital guestbook today –
with a monthly fee as low as € 50

Choose one of our packages and launch your digital guestbook within a few minutes. After your registration, you will receive a QR code from us, which leads to your personal guestbook. Once you have placed your QR codes, no need to worry any further about managing contact details. All data will be stored in accordance with GDPR and will be deleted after one month.

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You will receive a QR code from us, which your guests scan when entering or leaving the restaurant. For guests without a smartphone, we offer registration via phone call.

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Scanning the QR code opens a page where check-in / check-out and the desired registration method (WhatsApp / SMS / Call) are selected.

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The verified cell phone numbers and check-in time is stored to quickly contact guests when needed. We undertake communication with the health authorities.

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No paper chaos

Place your QR code in your entrance area, on a table stand, or in your menu to allow your guests to register by a scan. When the code is scanned, your guestbook opens and your visitors will send a message to sign in. Right after signing up, they will receive a confirmation message. And don’t worry – no one has any insight into other messages or registrations.


We care about customer data

When using our services, you do not have to worry about the storage or deletion of your customer data. We store all required customer data GDPR compliant and delete them automatically after 28 days. All WhatsApp messages are end-to-end encrypted and cannot be viewed by third parties. For SMS, the Telecommunications Law protects against third-party access. In case of an infection, all communication with the health authorities is handled by us. As you can see, we take data protection very seriously.


Simple check-in for the whole family

To avoid having to check in every single person in shared households and still have an overview of your occupancy, your guests get to check in several people at once. If your guests do not have a smartphone at hand, a call to our check-in hotline will suffice. You don’t have your cell phone with you or it’ s out of battery? We can simply provide a mobile device on request, a tablet for example, to check in over our web form!


Exclusion of false information

Through our system, the provision of false phone numbers is excluded, because only verified phone numbers are recorded for registration. In the case of WhatsApp, the user has already verified his or her phone number during registration; in the case of SMS, only the actual cell phone number can be used. False information is thus excluded and enables secure contact tracing.


Individual adaptations per region

No matter in which region your business is located, we know the current regulations and adapt our Digital Guestbook to the local requirements. Your location is in Vienna? – Our system provides you with QR codes per table. Your business is in Salzburg? – We request the first name, last name, and address from the customer during check-in. You are outside of Austria and have special requirements? – No problem, contact us and we will discuss all technical possibilities together!

“We had been looking for a registration system since early summer and found a straightforward and easy-to-use solution with our long-term technology partner mtms […]”

Martin Ebster, Managing Director Tourism Association St. Anton am Arlberg



Surprise with personalized welcome messages

Create individual welcome messages and send your menu or event calendar in the same message. Once your guest has signed the guestbook, he will automatically receive the message you have defined. Your guest is currently checking out? Then get valuable Tripadvisor reviews via your goodbye message, simply add a link for example. With the help of placeholders, you can additionally personalize messages.


Reduce contact persons to a minimum

Give your guests the possibility to contactless check-out in case of contact tracing. Your guests simply have to scan the QR code again and select “Check-Out”. Overnight, all guests who have forgotten to check out will be logged out automatically. Thus, your guestbook will be magically emptied!


Complete transparency for you and your customers

In our web-based system, you can see your current workload at any time, along with the distribution of WhatsApp, SMS and calls. An interface also allows you to display your current fill level on your homepage. So you have complete control over the information that is relevant to you at all times.


Optional health check

If you wish to be on the safe side, have your attendee answer a few questions about their current health status before check-in. Our chatbot will do the (multilingual) conversation and alerts you immediately in case of suspicious answers. Please note that this feature can only be used within the scope of DSGVO. The responsibility for the data lies with the buyer, namely you. The use of this tool requires either a legal basis (regulation, official requirement, e.g. in the course of a hygiene concept) or corresponding voluntariness. We would be happy to discuss this with you personally!


Guestbook and ticketing from one source

We support you as an event organizer by providing all tools and processes from a single source. For example, a health-check questionnaire can be sent to your guests via WhatsApp, SMS or e-mail. Access to your event is subsequently granted, depending on the results of the questionnaire. Ticketing data no longer relevant for contact tracing is yours. How innovative and purposeful, don’t you think?